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Meet the Team



Shanti is Temple Priestess

She is currently studying on a fine art degree in Bath Spa. She has been practicing tantra for 25 years. She is a mama, healer, mover, somatic educator, artist and a Creative. Shanti is intuitive, playful, a tribal gatherer and a little bit witchy.

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Clara has been exploring her own path of Tantra and Sexuality for a number of years. She is trained in Holistic & Tantric massage and body worker. She offers KAP- Kundalini Activation Process to groups both in person and online and private 1:1 sessions.  She also works with the Devine Energy Healing modality of VortexHealing. 


Leonie is a Shiatsu therapist, massage practitioner, mama, artist and website creator and occupies a supportive role at temples.

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Our Shrine

Where there is temple, there is always a shrine. Bring your offering.

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Dream Team

We are a morphing feast of dedicated helpers, healers and s*x positive therapists, here in service to Temple and its community.



A safe and nurturing space

I've been to several events that Shanti has created 
I always feel she holds a safe and nurturing space.
She's has a beautifully intuitive touch, is fun and has a wonderful warm energy.
Trust her, it'll be worth it.


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