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Temple  Nights

Gatherings of ritual devotion of Eros, Heart and Spirit



Temple Poem

The time has come to turn your heart

into a temple of fire.

Your essence is gold, hidden in dust. 

To reveal its splendour

you need to burn in the fire of love




What is Temple?


Temple is the house of life. Allowing us to remember who we are, and be fully alive; connecting us back to our essence and our nature. Temple is ritual prayer to the divine mystery, a deep dive into sensual erotic play, dancing between s*x, heart and spirit. Held in a sacred space of beauty, acceptance and safety, we enter into a practice of devotion, bowing down to love, pleasure and sacred s*xuality. Temple is a creative, honest space for consenting adults, where we meet, share and play with friends and lovers, known and new; growing our tribe and community. Come as you are. All is welcome here.

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