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Tantric Meditations 6 wk course

A 6 week series of 2 hour classes in Tantric/Neo-tantric Meditations. You are welcome to come alone, or with a partner, lover, or friend. You may drop in for one class, or  journey together for the whole 6 week series. 10th April to 5th May in stroud.

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Upcoming Temples

Temple Arts and Practices

Sat 11th May: 5pm -10 pm 

@Stoke Newington,London

With Shanti and Andrew

We welcome you to join us for Temple Arts & Practices. This is open to both 1st timers beginning their journey into sacred S*xuality temple space, and for those who have some previous experience wishing to deepen their ‘toolkit’ for temple going.

Women's Temple- Beltane

Sat 18th May: 12 noon - 7 pm

@Earth Heart, Forest of Dean

With Shanti and Lee

Welcoming all women interested and curious to explore a natural sense of intimacy within the natural container of temple.

One Love Temple

Sat/Sun 1-2nd June

@Earth Heart, Forest of Dean

With Shanti and Simba

Shanti and Simba are back with the offering of a weekend Temple to celebrate our growing thriving sacred sexuality community.

The Art of Love-Couples and Lovers Temple

Sat 20th July: 12 noon - 7 pm

@Earth Heart, Forest of Dean

With Shanti and Hugs

Open to couples and lovers who are happy to really spend time deeply together. It is for those who just love to be with each other, wishing to be deeply together. You may be long term partners, new lovers, or simply with a yummy date for the day.

Unveiling Aphrodrodite

Sat 6th July 10.30am-5.30pm

@St Albans, London

With Shanti

This sacred devotional temple will be an meditative ritual journey into adorning ourselves, and each other with maquiage, jewellery and temple clothing - as a spell, or prayer of love, s*x  and spirit. Unveiling  within us the beauty, love and s*xuality of Aphrodite and her lovers. We will be offering an Aphrodisiac tea made from  the herbs & flowers of this land (Rose, Mugwort & Fennel) to guide us in, towards her. 

T.A.T. -Trauma Awareness Training

Sat 14th September 9.30am-5.30pm

@Wild Goose Space, Bristol 

With Shanti 

TAT - Trauma Awareness Training: a compassionate toolkit for temple goers. Learn about the autonomic nervous system, through the lens of Polyvagal theory, and mindfully attend to your own somatic experience before bringing this awareness of trauma & triggers, to find ways to recognise and work with it for yourself and others in temple space. Everybody welcome over age 18.


Jade Palace-Women's Temple

Sat 28th September 2pm-10pm

@Wild Goose Space, Bristol 

With Shanti and Kalindi Jordan

This will be a tender loving space of self-love, opening gently to the divine pleasure and intimacy we women can share with each other as sisters, play mates and lovers. 


Tantric Massage Training


10am - 5pm(9:30am arrival for 10am start )


Weekend 1: Awakening the Senses and Healing Touch

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th February

Weekend 2: Whole Body Electric Turn-on

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March

Weekend 3: Lingam & Breast Tantric Massage

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April

Weekend 4: Yoni & Anal Tantric Massage

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May


Bristol (Venue tbc)

The Anatomy of the course:

Weekend 1

Awakening the Senses and Healing Touch

Learning healing touch types and trauma awareness practices to support the receiver into a receptive pleasure state. This will happen through demonstration, group discussion, embodied exploration and hands on practice. We will bring guidance teaching and support throughout these practices.

* Breath patterns.

* Trauma awareness insight.

* Healing supportive touch.

* Belly massage and structured routine.

* Mouth massage and structured routine.

Weekend 2

Whole Body Electric Turn-on

Discovering how to wake up the whole body to pleasure and finding new pathways into our erotic selves. We will be exploring

* Unveiling and body worship.

* Intimate Touch.

* Erogenous zones.

Weekend 3

 Lingam & Breast Tantric Massage

Learning about the plus poles of the female and male bodies.

* Bio energetics of the body’s energy centres from the tantric tradition.

* Intimate touch techniques.

* A structured massage routine for breast massage.

* A structured massage routine for lingam.

Weekend 4

Yoni & Anal Tantric Massage

Immersing ourselves in the massage processes for yoni and anal pleasure touch training.

* Moving deeper into the bio energetics meditative principles of the tantric polarity.

* Touch techniques and routine for Yoni pleasure massage.

* Touch techniques and routine for anal pleasure massage.

Applying to join us:

We wish to create and hold a safe container of support and learning. These weekends are classes offering teaching techniques in s*xual and sensual healing and pleasure, learning some processes and structures as guidance.

They can be therapeutic in essence and this is not a therapy space. If you know you have suffered s*xual abuse in your childhood, or adult past, it may be that the group environment is not the best place for you to explore these deep traumas. We are trauma informed facilitators, however we are offering learnings and guidance on giving and receiving tantra massage as a modality of bodywork. We could offer you one to one sessions, or pass you the details of s*xual trauma experts, before you consider joining these classes.

It is not a self enquiry/self work journey however emotions can come up.

It is a course of learning the fundamentals and routines and ritual of offering a massage of intimate bodywork.

If you feel drawn to join us for some, or all of these Tantric Massage weekends, we first wish to connect with you, learn about your journey and your reasons for wanting to come. Please email us at and we will send you a questionnaire, so that we can get to know you a little better and decide together with you if this journey is the right one for you now. At that point we will send you the booking details.

We are also here to talk in person, so please call us with any questions:

Shanti 07875151582


£350 pp per weekend

£650 Couples

£400 Abundant supporter

£300 Concession (by request)


There is a non refundable deposit of £150.

Refunds are possible up until 48 hours before the weekend (minus deposit).

Transfers of tickets may be possible if there is a waiting list, and can be potentially transferred to another future Intimate Touch weekend.


Bristol (Venue tbc)

Contact and Bookings for more info

Who we are: 

Hugs (He/Him)

Hugs is a certified S*xological bodyworker and Orgasmic Expansion Coach. His passion is supporting others to discover their orgasmic expression & pleasure potential through teaching embodied exploration, self inquiry, medibation practices and intimate touch training. 

Hugs is a blacksmith, a maker and mover. He loves surfing & being connected to nature and living on the land.

Shanti (She/Her)

Shanti is a sacred s*xuality healer and Temple priestess. She holds regular Temple spaces in the South West. She has trained with many tantric practitioners and has been deeply immersed in tantric self practice and mediations for over 25 years. Shanti brings a wealth of experience & knowledge of the tantric ritual, ceremonies and embodied practice.

She is mama, mover, Somatic educator, artist and a creative. She is intuitive, playful and a tribal gatherer.

What we bring

We have both individually been on our journeys of deep s*xual healing & self pleasure exploration and now feel called & inspired to join our knowledge and passion, bringing this series to you. We are intimately connected to each other as lovers and partners, and as a part of this, we are regularly practicing tantric meditations together, to guide our offerings and embody the teachings we share with you.

We hope our teachings may deepen your awareness, love and understanding of intimacy and relationship, to support yourself and others to heal, feel and grow in s*xual pleasure and love.

For more info, please email us

Upcoming Trainings

Weekend 1: Awakening the Senses and Healing Touch

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th February


Weekend 2: Whole Body Electric Turn-on

Saturday  16th & Sunday 17th March


Weekend 3: Lingam & Breast Tantric Massage

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April


Weekend 4: Yoni & Anal Tantric Massage

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May

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