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Agreements and Confidentiality


We keep what happens in Temple solely in Temple. You are welcome to share about your own experience, talking from the “I”. Leave others out of your sharing outside of Temple and please don’t name anyone else who was in the space or talk about their experience – unless you obtain an explicit verbal/written permission from them to do so.


Difficult feelings and emotions can arise when we are playing with sexual energy. We encourage you to stay with these experiences whenever possible, with acceptance and care for yourself, they may shift if they’re given some time and attention to work through and gifts of new understanding may arise. A certain level of self-awareness and tools to support yourself in wobbly moments are necessary before coming to Temple. You are welcome to come as you are with all your fears and joys, however, this is not a therapy group – more a space for personal growth. The temple team will be there to hold space and support within their means, and you need to be able to take self-responsibility as an adult for your trigger sand upsets as/if they arise. If you need to talk about whether you are ready to come to Temple, please contact me and we can talk first. The temple team cannot be made liable, financially, or otherwise, for emotional impact or s*xual health for anything that happens, as a result of participation.

Sensitivity and respect for others:

Please be aware that each person will be on their own journey and may be in a very different space to you at any one time. Before approaching them, check in if they are happy and open for you to come closer. If they give any verbal or non-verbal cues which say, please leave me alone, respect this. If they are in the middle of an intense process, no matter how distressing it seems from outside, you may close it down if you try to “help” them. Trust their experience to unfold, and if unsure, ask one of the team.

Synergy of the group:

We agree to hold an awareness of the whole space and the energy of the group. As a community, we look after each other, and the sensitive energies of the Temple space.

Sexual health:

Please come in healthy. Take responsibility for anything that could affect others e.g., if you have a Herpes outbreak etc. We leave it up to you to discuss your current s*xual health with each person that you share intimate time with and what safe sex materials you would like to use, especially if you decide to share any body fluids.  We will provide some of the basics (condoms, wet wipes, anti-bacterial gel). You are also welcome to bring your own, particularly if you have needs or preferences personal to you.

Boundaries and consent:

Consent is the cornerstone of creating a safe space for everyone to be able to meet and play together. It’s important to check in with anyone that you choose to intimately connect with, listening to the desires and boundaries that you all have. This can happen before, and also during if anything changes, for any reason - If you start feeling uncomfortable, remember you can always pause and feel into what is it that you need right now. You can also stop playing at any moment without having to explain why, or even knowing why, if it doesn’t feel good anymore. Honour yourself and others.

Yes and No

We encourage you to express your desires clearly. When giving a No, it is enough just like that. And you can also acknowledge the vulnerability of asking by saying something like, “No/not right now, but thank you for asking”. Please respect other people’s right to say NO. Try not to take any NOs personally. When given a NO, it is simplest just to say, “Thank you” - the other person is saying YES! to their own needs in the moment. You can always make an alternative suggestion.


If you are coming to Temple with your partner or lover, please make sure you have spent quality time together before you come, and afterwards. Please make clear agreements on how you will both feel safe to play in Temple - either together exclusively or with others, or separately. Also agree how you will deal with upsets if they arise, before, during and afterwards. We ask you to communicate your agreements to the rest of the circle in the beginning, so that we are all on the same page and can support an open space of communication and care, as we be and play together.

Temple guardians:

The temple preist/esses and team of temple angel and fairies, will be holding space for you throughout the night, offering support when needed. We will be introduced in the beginning. Please reach out to us at any point if you’d like someone to keep you company or hold space for you. You need to let us know if you’re struggling, or we won’t be able to help. If, for whatever reason, you decide to leave the space before the closing circle, please, let the team know before you do so.


Self love and care is of utmost importance in the days that follow the Temple. Be gentle with yourself. There can be an emotional crash a few days afterwards as new understandings integrate and the love chemicals in our bodies return to normal levels. It’s not unusual. Talk to someone you trust. You are always welcome to contact us at any time afterwards to communicate and talk.


Get in Touch

If none of your questions have been answered above, please get in touch- just click on the Lets Chat button on thew bottom right of the page or email

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